"She changed my life"

I began having excessive facial hair in my early 30s, my Russian and Italian decent to blame.  So I did what we all do I began waxing.  It became a never ending process and expensive, so a few years later when laser became so popular I figured I'd give it a whirl.  I began the first of 10 treatments at a cost of $300 a session.  The price seems excessive but I was sold on the fact that it would be a permanent fix.  However, after 4 sessions and no apparent change except a pigment change my face began to have a green tint.  When I called to inquire I was asked if I was in the sun.  Since it was the dead of winter and I lived in the Ohio Snow Belt I said NO.  Then I was told well that happens sometimes, and I could buy these creams to help fix the pigmentation but I signed a release that covers that.  I was furious not only had I not experienced an ounce of change but, I was suffering with the facial discoloration on my face in the area that had received laser.  I gave up and began treating the discoloration (and went right back to waxing $1200 later).  After years of treating the discoloration it had lightened but did not go back to normal.  I moved back to New Jersey and a friend told me of Maria so I called and after a brief discussion I set up a consult.  I was so impressed with what I heard I decided I had nothing to lose.  Not only did I start to see marked improvement within weeks of treatment I saw the discoloration starting to fade even more.  Now a year later I am virtually facial hair free and my skin coloration is back to normal.  I have never been happier. I still see Maria but mostly for the straglers that pops up every so often and for this new light therapy that has rejuvenated my skin and makes me appear 10 years younger.  I cannot say enough good things about Maria and her practice but if you are looking for permanent hair removal she is your girl.    Shannon Tinton Falls NJ

"Outstanding Electrologist"

This review is for: HAIR CARE ELECTROLYSIS I was a hairy mess before I tried Hair Care Electrolysis. Maria Cutti is the most professional, caring and responsible person I have ever met. Most people call themselves professional, but Maria exemplifies Professional at its best. My experience with other hair removal methods was awful. They say buyer beware. I now know what that means. Maria has cleared up my facial hair, shaped my eyebrows, removed unsightly hair in private places and done all of this to perfection. My hair is permanently gone and I now feel that my money was well spent for the first time regarding my hair issues. She has given me back my confidence, which I so lacked. I was so ashamed of the way I looked. I recommend Maria with full confidence to clear up all unsightly hair the right way, the only way, both quickly and efficiently. Call Maria at 732-290-9222. If I get any other hair as I age, I will not hesitate to call her immediately. With deepest appreciation, Elaine


This review is for: HAIR CARE ELECTROLYSIS At Hair Care Electrolysis, Maria's electrolysis gave my ego a boost. My self-image has greatly improved now that I no longer need to tweeze my chin hairs. The office is private, comfortable and conveniently located on Route 34 in Matawan. My skin looks great and clear. Gabriella A.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Maria for helping me regain my self-confidence back. I have spent many years of useless treatment without any permanent results. I only wish that I had come to see you years ago. Finally, no more facial hair. Rita

The best decision I made. I see permanent results: Maria offers a personal, private Electrolysis treatment in such a clean and peaceful office. I have tried so many other ways to eliminate my hairs on my chin, lip and underarms (including laser). I wasted so much time and money, but now I am on my way to finally resolving my hair problems. Maria of Hair Care Electrolysis is extraodinarily professional, kind and friendly. She explained to me all the reasons why everything else did not work. I am so thrilled with my experience, and I wish everyone reading this will realize that ELECTROLYSIS is the only way to get rid of hair. It is so unfortunate that I never knew the differences and lack of effectiveness of the other hair removal methods. I finally feel so good about myself and I thank Maria for this wonderful new image. Lori L.

Ladies, don't make the same mistake as I did. When my facial hair started appearing, I thought tweezing was my answer. My problem got worse. So I tried Laser, and my facial hair all came back after 6 treatments. I even wound up with hair on my neck and chest, which I never had before. So I then went to Maria Cutti, thinking here I go again. Well I have to say I am finally almost completely hair free on my face. Electrolysis should have been my first and only choice. Maria is so professional, and truly an expert in her field. I will always be so very grateful for her ability to clear my hair problems, and at the same time help me to understand that I had only made my facial hair worse, and I had to put my trust in Electrolysis. I followed Maria's advice, kept my appointments, and am the happiest and most confident I have been in many years... Thank you Maria, from the bottom of my heart... Kristine( The once Hairy Lady)
Hair Care Electrolysis -Outstanding Professional What Maria has done for my self -esteem is beyond amazing. I went from 0 to 9 in a matter of 4 sessions .Outstanding results. Enormous gratitude! Gracie

Hair Free at Last I was so embarrassed about the ugly hair on my face. I tried everything from waxing (which gave me more hair and ingrowns), tweezing, shaving, to laser (what a mistake). My social life was non-existent and I was always stressed about my appearance. Then I met Maria at Hair Care Electrolysis, after my friend convinced me to try Electrolysis. ( She did not have the same amount of hair as I did, but she looked good.) Guess what? I don't have any more hair on my face. I am actually not bad looking. Maria explained in detail why I was not getting anywhere with everything else I was doing. She said that only Electrolysis is permanent. (who knew). I thought it was something old fashioned. I was So..So...So... WRONG! I can't say enough about Maria's skill, kindness, re-assurance and fabulous personality. She is just the best. I am so grateful to Maria for giving me back my smile. I really feel good about myself now and I know you will also. Don't be as foolish as I was. I love my look now.... Peggy L

"Hair Care Electrolysis gave me beautiful skin"

I tried everything out there trying to get rid of my unsightly facial hair. I spent so much money and time and got no results. I saw Maria Cutti's website Hair Care Electrolysis and suddenly everything made sense. . Maria's ability, speaks out for the ultimate in professional hair removal. Outstanding, remarkable results. You have to see for yourself, just like I did. Just don't waste as much time as I did. I will be forever grateful to Maria. BTW I met a wonderful guy since I don't feel so self-conscious anymore...Jessica M · Pros: Outstanding Results, I look so clean again. The best. · Cons: I waited too long. Maria is so Professional

"Laser doesn't work!"

Hair today and gone tomorrow! I didn' t know where to run after having a terrible experience with laser. I spent $1,000 for 6 treatments and was promised my hair would be gone. Well it wasn't gone, but my money and time was. I didn' t give up and needed to try this again, only this time with Maria at Hair Care Electrolysis. Maria is extremely thorough and she has produced excellent results with her treatments. My facial hair is finally gone. I can' t Thank her enough for being there when I needed her most and being the caring professional that she is. Forget the laser ladies, been there and done that, it doesn' t work! Candy D

"Awesome Results"

Maria understands what getting rid of my facial hair means to me. I would cover my face with my hands when I had to converse close up. Maria explained how important it was for me to see a doctor to get to the cause of my hair growth. I followed her advice and so glad I did. She did an awesome job removing my horrible embarrassing hair in a short time, while my doctor is trying to correct my hormone imbalance. She made so much sense, so I did what Maria said, and now I am trying to keep my hands away from my face. Thank you for helping me with my problem and for convincing me to get the right help. You are wonderful. Gratitude always, Francine .