Our character defines who we are, but our physical appearance affects our perception of our self-worth. It has been estimated that 80% of women experience unwanted hair growth some time in their lives. Electrolysis works on all skin colors, from light to dark and all hair types, from fine to coarse. Whatever the cause; hormonal, stress, medication, heredity. Electrolysis Works! ELECTROLYSIS is the ONLY FDA APPROVED and AMA recommended method of Permanent Hair Removal. No other method including laser has achieved this approval. Electrolysis is performed by inserting a fine solid sterile probe into the hair follicle to destroy the papilla and germinative cells that cause the hair to grow.
What is Electrolysis?
In 1875 Dr. Charles E. Michel used Galvanic or true Electrolysis, in which electric current creates a chemical reaction to destroy hair. Thermolysis, popular since the 1940's, uses heat for cauterization. "The Blend" combines both Galvanic and Thermolysis. Hair Care Electrolysis specializes in The Blend and Thermolysis to achieve hair growth destruction.
What does it feel like?
With the use of computerized equipment and treatment products, Electrolysis is comfortable for clients. The client feels a warm sensation during the procedure.
Is it really permanent? Electrolysis is the only permanent and safe method of removing unwanted hair. Unlike Laser the electrolysis probe makes direct contact with the cells that create hair. Without this direct contact by the probe the cells will not be destroyed and the hair will return.
How much will it cost?
Electrolysis is the most cost effective treatment to attain Permanent hair removal. All other methods are temporary and require a lifetime commitment of cost and time to maintain. Consistency and treatment during the ANAGEN stage of growth plays a major part in speeding up the process of destruction with electrolysis. Electrolysis may take weeks, months or over a year to permanently destroy every hair cell. However, you will see dramatic results on all treated hairs very quickly. Electrolysis treatments end with soft smooth hair free skin.

A Final Note

There are many methods of removing unwanted hair, such as WAXING, THREADING, SHAVING, TWEEZING, LASER, DEPILATORIES.

They are all TEMPORARY, and will never give you permanent results! 

  • Why am I spending so much time and money on temporary hair removal methods?
  • What am I waiting for to finally remove this unsightly hair safely and permanently?