by Maria Cutti


Unlock the Secret…Knowledge is Power

The Truth about Permanent Hair Removal



  Research studies have verified these facts:


  • Fact: Women and men do get hair in all the wrong places at various stages of life. This is a Fact of Life, so let’s face it, stop hiding and do something about it!

  • Fact: Women and men want these hairs gone forever, so let’s embrace instead of avoiding what truly works 100% of the time. Electrolysis is the SAFEST and ONLY FDA approved method of attaining Permanent results!


  • Fact: Only Electrolysis permanently destroys the germinative cells responsible for hair growth!


  • Fact: Only the Hair you want to remove will be treated, NO other hairs will be stimulated to grow, as has been documented with other methods of temporary hair removal.


  • Fact: Electrolysis remains the only 100% effective method of Permanent Hair Removal for all skin and hair types and colors.


  • Fact: Since Electrolysis is the only method of Permanent Hair Removal 100% of the time, why spend time and money on any other hair removal method that is temporary?

  • Shame, embarrassment and the distress of unwanted hair often   affects self-confidence. You have the knowledge and power to regain your self esteem and restore confidence in your appearance. Get the only permanent treatment there is…. Electrolysis works!